PWRthrust MEGAtrip

by Dj Fony

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released July 8, 2011



all rights reserved


Dj Fony Lansing, Michigan

Dj Fony, the Fony Dj.

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Track Name: The Hippies Get Stoned With Rocks
If I could, if I may,
I'd like to find another way
to start the day
I'd like to wake up in a world
that's made of clay
Cause I won't be here for
too much longer anyway.
Got a ticking time bomb
on myself somewhere.
And I don't know where it is,
but I know it's there.
Everyone's got one but we
try not to care
Kinda feels like a curse
just to be aware

If I tell a cheerleader
about their body bomb,
they run home from the prom
and tell their daddymom.
And they go through their life
shaking bloody pom-poms
'cause they don't wanna
listen to Tom.
They will look to the sky
for the Heavencops.
'Til the thousand foot long
Dick of Jesus drops,
and it crushes all the heathens
that are seethin' in their socks,
and the hippies get stoned with rocks.
Track Name: Themly Theirful
Be themly and theirful,
we've got to be careful.
I'm not me, you're not you,
they're somebody else too.

Be just like a stop light,
and yourself be not like.
Be godly and greatly,
I'm happy to hate me.

Trudge truly yet lightly,
I daily must fight me.
I'm havely and wantly,
not gively and snively.

Be just like a dumpling,
Not someone, be something.
Be suckly and morphly,
Not huffly and toughly.

So don't make us waitful
by being too lateful,
we want you, we need you,
we've all got to feed you.
Track Name: Here Is Where You Lose
(I) bring to you some news:
Here Is Where You Lose.
Your time is up, so give it up,
you're gonna pay your dues.

You had a little ruse.
Here Is Where You Lose.
It's lifted off, so go fuck off,
there's nothing left to use.

As if you'd get to choose.
Here Is Where You Lose.
The nature of the things above,
it isn't up to you.

Ya got a little bruise?
Here Is Where You Lose.
You push the shit on little kids
in little fancy shoes.

You put them in your pews.
Here Is Where You Lose.
You line them up, and fuck them up,
And scare them with your views.

The FUCK is wrong with you??!!
Here Is Where You Lose.
You tell them lies, thinly disguised,
It's fucking child abuse!

I ain't done with you!
Here Is Where You Lose.
The way you fuck everything up,
It makes me sing the blues.

You spread it like the flu!
Here Is Where You Lose.
I fight it off, and hack and cough,
My medicine's the truth.

Investigate the clues.
Here Is Where You Lose.
You blind your eyes, accept the lies,
And swallow them like booze.

I could blow a fuse!
Here Is Where You Lose.
But its not your fault, you've joined a cult,
Just go and ask Tom Cruise.
Track Name: We Will Always Be Separate
People say we're connected,
its not hard to concieve.
It's a wonderful notion,
one I'd like to believe.
But we'll always be seperate,
each our own little world.
Every boy's just a boy,
every girl's just a girl.

Well I don't know what happened,
but I'd sure like to see.
Just the fact of the matter
is amazing to me.
But we'll always be accidents
with no purpose in sight,
and the universe day
will be universe night.